New Moon Candle

New Moon Candle

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100% all natural! Made with coconut/soy wax and essential oils. Because they are made with essential oils they will not have a strong scent throw. BUT the wax is so soft and silky you can use it as a moisturizer and that's when you will get the most from the essential oils.

SIDE NOTE: Most candle companies claiming to use essential oils in their product only use a small percentage. Their candles are mostly scented with fragrance oils . Including my beloved Myers clean day.

With the New Moon candle you will follow a few simple steps to attract what you want in your life.

1- On the night of the new moon pull your ritual card from the candle label.

2- Write what you want to attract on your card in a present tense POSITIVE affirmation . For example if you are looking to attract more money you would write ”I am open to financial abundance.

3- Light your candle.

4- Read you message to the moon and take your time to clearly envision it happening. What does your life look, feel, sound like once you have received your blessings? Fill in the details. Return your card back to the candle.

5- Every night light your candle, read your message to the moon, meditate on it! Envision it as already yours!

6- On the night of the full moon light your candle, read your message for the last time, SEE IT! and burn your card with the flame of the candle. You are open to receiving!

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